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Abstract: The “Diplomatic Mission” of 16 countries landed on the Taobao live broadcast room, each showing their magical ability “to bring goods for the country.”

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Yesterday, the “Diplomatic Mission” of 16 countries landed on the Taobao live broadcast room, each showing their magical ability to “bring goods for the country”, attracting nearly 9 million netizens to flock to the crowd.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand demonstrated “Peeling Mangosteen Dafa” online, and the South Korean Consul General played “Language Card”, spoke fluent Mandarin, and shared the favorite ramen with everyone.

The “fighting nation” diplomats said nothing, and sent a dozen 618 yuan red envelopes at the opening. Some netizens said: This should be the highest diplomatic courtesy I can receive.

Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister Zhu Lin’s Live Taobao Battle Report

“Press and hold the bottom of the mangosteen and squeeze hard, so that you can peel off the whole (flesh) without staining your hands…” On the evening of June 9, Thai Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Zhu Lin, in the Taobao Live Room and Alibaba Deputy President Gu Mailian Mai introduced Thai fruits to Chinese consumers.

“I am very happy to be on Taobao during the Tmall 618 live broadcast. Just in June is the golden month of Thai fruit, we brought you durian, mangosteen, mango, coconut green, lotus fog, green pomelo, banana…” After the end, the Thai Deputy Prime Minister began to “proficiently bring goods” and reported a long list of Thai seasonal fruits.

Thai Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Zhu Lin live broadcast on Taobao, bringing goods for Thai mangosteen

As soon as the voice fell, a mangosteen was “secondless” in the Taobao live broadcast room, and the merchant quickly replenishes overnight.

He also appeared in the same period as ambassadors and consuls from 16 countries including Russia, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. They temporarily laid down the status of diplomats, and “carried out new positions” as the anchor of Taobao. In order to create a “national explosion”, they took out the online PK of the best, hoping to sell it on Tmall 618.

South Korea’s Consul General in Shanghai Cui Yongshan Live on Taobao

After a live broadcast, Thai Deputy Prime Minister Zhu Lin sold nearly 5,000 durians, 20,000 coconut greens, 1,500 servings of sweet shrimp, nearly 3,000 bags of fragrant rice and 1,500 servings of fried chicken. Cui Yongshan, the Consul General of South Korea in Shanghai, also has a beautiful record of bringing goods, 120,000 bags of Korean ramen, 18,000 bags of Korean dumplings, and 900 copies of 6-year-old Korean red ginseng. Russian diplomats “bring goods” with 10,000 ice creams and 10,000 purple sugar.

In the end, the Thai Deputy Prime Minister’s “Hand Peeling Mangosteen Teaching” won a vote of audience, and finally won the Top1 record! Cui Yongshan, Consul General of South Korea in Shanghai, ranked second with the level of “Modern Chinese 8”. Malaysia, Spain and other countries ranked third and fourth.

The embassies and consulates of various countries dispatched officials to pre-warm the diplomats’ live Taobao

After the outbreak, the economies of many countries faced recovery challenges, so they all regarded Tmall 618 as an opportunity to boost the economy. They have dispatched trains, ships and other transportation capacity to transport their local specialty products into China, hoping to drive a wave of export growth. People in the industry joked: “World growth depends on China, and China growth depends on Tmall.”


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